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Ferret Roadshow

Ferrets, Rabbits, Dogs, Hawks, Guns and Nets in one MAGNIFICENT Display!

You may already use a ferreting display for your event, but is it good enough for you and your visitors?  Does it reflect the professionalism of your organisation?  Does it excite your audience and reflect the true essence of the sport?

The Ferret Roadshow achieves all of these!

Ferret Roadshow ferret in a carry box

The Ferret Roadshow is the UK’s leading, best, most comprehensive and professional ferreting display and will enhance the attractions at your event.   

With dogs, hawks and a large number of ferrets of all ages on show throughout the event, combined with two ring displays featuring ferrets, rabbits, dogs, guns, nets and hawks, this is without doubt the pre-eminent ferreting display in the UK and one you really must have at your event.

Springer Spaniel working at the Ferret Roadshow

Completely self-contained with our own tentage and fencing, this display is suitable for indoor and outdoor events.  We’ve even got a display of historical artefacts – traps, tools, equipment etc.

In other words, the COMPLETE ferreting display, presented by The  Ferret Man – James McKay, a true countryman.

Hawks at the Ferret Roadshow

We guarantee your visitors will be thrilled and intrigued by The Ferret Roadshow.

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Neither you nor your audience will be disappointed!

Ferrets drinking
Ferret Roadshow gun display
Ferret Roadshow net